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Healthy Living Program

Plant. Nurture. Grow. 

Garden of Light

Lighthouse Network Services provide access to healthier food choice options and opportunities to understand, implement, and provide better decisions in life pertaining to nutritional values.

Participants will receive the following:

  • Access to gardening projects and tips

  •  Provision of care packages via food boxes

  • Initiation of healthy protocols

Garden & Soul

We invest in agricultural productivity so caregivers can feed themselves. By partnering with Garden and Soul, we provide learning tips to grow or produce your own food. We desire for our participants to become healthier by using our Grow Yourself program.

Grow Yourself

Grow Yourself is provided via digital and our social media communities will do the following: 

  • Combat student caregiver mortality rate

  • Make fundamental lifestyle shifts in nutrition and mindfulness

  • Thrive and essentially prioritize social, emotional, mental and digital fitness 

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